When the world is turned into thorns,

and yet we remain faithful, unashamed,

and bold as His royal redeemed fragrant

gospel roses, this is indeed when we should

look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

For sin, lawlessness, deception, lies and

heinous, demonic acts of wickedness

are now defined as light. Perhaps this is

why the world put a crown of thorns on

our precious Savior, Lily Of the Valley

our risen Redeemer, soon coming bright

and morning star. For they dishonored and

thought they defeated our King of Kings

with thorns instead of royal crowns. We can

indeed rejoice and have lavish hope for this

sin filled world is not our home or final destiny.

May we as our Savior’s royals, ambassadors

keep expectantly looking up for at any moment

our living hope, our all in all, our Redeemer, our

most tender, trusted, loyal compassionate,

faithful friend of all friends could rapture us to

our true, eternal, joy filled ,glorious Heavenly home.