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With widows wide open to feel the cool, crisp,

fragrant spring air coupled with adoring praises

and prayers to our Creator, there is no greater

blessing then to hear the worshipful anthems

of Christ-created, beauty saturated fluttering

creations melodically singing and worshiping

their Creator with flight filled songs of delightful

melodies that turns any day into a cascade of

joy, praise, worship, and admiration! That our

Triune God creates for us bountiful gifts of

beauty and song sends our souls Heavenward!

Such a variety of winged specimens is truly a

majestic, miraculous, and Heavenly gift

of creative splendor and generosity. Such tiny

birds, masterpieces of color, song, and melodic,

grandiose symphonies of exquisite praise points

to our divine and Holy Creator who lovingly sends

to all of humanity delightful, daily gifts and reminders

of our Triune God’s beauty and love of song. Come

let us worship our Creator for all the myriads of

beauty-filled, Christ-created gifts and blessings He

bestows on us each and every day. Praise to our

Creator, Redeemer, Friend, provider, and beautifier.

May our song of praise be just as beautiful, worshipful,

bold, and courageous as these tiny colorfully decorated

warbling Christ-created creatures. May we never, no ever,

not ever, no ever, stop ceaselessly praising our Creator King!