Calvary’s glorious words of “It is finished”

makes all sinners, Saints. Saints who love,

forgive, and extend the grace and love that

our Savior has given to each of us. This is our

legacy! For now we are the true and redeemed

royals who now live for the glory of our Triune

God! For this dusty, sin-filled world is not our

home. Hallelujah, for Salvation’s gift gives us

the privilege of living for the Heavenly Kingdom

whose author and maker is our Triune God. Rejoice

royals for Jesus Christ, is our hope, our joy, our

life, our ambition, and our exuberant and lavish

Salvation! Calvary’s glorious words of , “It is

finished makes all sinners, Saints! Royals rejoice

because we have Jesus Christ, we have His

righteousness, His holiness, His joy, His strength,

His wisdom, His protection, and His sufficiency.

His name is engraved on our souls, and our names

are written in His precious Book of lIfe. It is finished.

It is finished. This is our eternal and earthly legacy.