Our precious Savior paints all HE has created with divine and

Holy beauty. The enemy of all souls paints with divisions, deceit,

lying, killings, destructions, and heinous acts of darkness portrayed

as light. May we know which painter is painting in the life of every soul.

Those who truly and authentically belong to Christ will indeed always

proclaim Jesus Christ and His glorious gospel, always love, always give

grace, love, mercy, and compassion that Jesus gives to each of us. And

we will always boldly, courageously, victoriously live for the glory of our

Triune God no matter what the cost. These are they redeemed who are

made new by the Cross and blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. For it is these

souls that are being lovingly, remade, restored, renewed, rescued and painted

into luminous and glorious new creature masterpieces for our Savior’s glory so

we can accomplish His glorious, imperial, regal, noble Holy, divine, grace-filled,

celestial Sovereign will through the unmatched power and beauty of Father,

Son, and Holy Spirit.