On this beauty-filled Easter morn, all of Christ’s

creation must worship and adore their Creator a

little bit more. The flowers must muster and adorn

themselves in their most beautiful and exquisite

blooms. The birds of the air must sing their best

most majestic arias to their beloved Creator-King.

The trees wave and bow in their sparkling emerald

green and woody robes to the Creator of Heaven

and earth. The stones and gems and minerals He

made must sparkle and shimmer in their beautiful stony

exteriors as they sing that this indeed is Resurrection

day. The sun, moon, and stars I imagine must dance

across the sky in one of their most beautiful displays

of light and darkness for this is one of their Creator’s

most triumphant hallowed, and sacred days. The

precious animals that our Savior created with His

pen full of beauty, creativity, and love, on this day,

they must worship Him in double and triple measure.

The mountains, valleys, springs, rivers, and

waterfalls I imagine must exude and put on

their finest, most pristine, and beautiful arrays.

All of Creation sings this is Resurrection day. He

is not here. He is risen just like He said. No more

victorious, triumphant words have ever been spoken.

He is not here. He is risen just like He said. He is

risen. He is risen. He is risen indeed. Our Savior

lives. Rejoice for He lives to save all of humanity

from their Sins. And to those who are already His,

He lives to intercede, love, and fill us with Himself.

Forever, forever, and forever may we praise His Holy

name above all names, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Oh, joyous Cross given Salvation, the gift of all gifts,

may this triumphant, victorious, joyous, majestic

anchoring, exhilarating, evidentiary, infallible, faultless

inerrant, flawless doctrine of our faith, the blessed

glorious, Resurrection always be in our thoughts and

fill all our days with our Savior’s praise and adoration.

May we eternally rejoice and forever rehearse and then proclaim

the angel’s conquering, divine, and Holy proclamation He is

not here! He is risen just like He said. May we ceaselessly rejoice

and rehearse their Heavenly sent, earthly, jubilant, victorious,

triumphant proclamation moment by moment for all our days.

He is not here. He is risen just like He said. Amen, Amen, and Amen!