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To you O Lord I give my endless and passionate

gratitude, praise, and humble adoration! For you

alone, our Savior and King, give all your royals wings

to fly above it all. Yet because of our Savior’s hope

producing strength and Holy righteous ways we continue

to see, know, perceive, discern, serve, love, and boldly

proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior over all. So as the

spiritual battle rages on and on may we the imperial warriors

of our Triune God continue to victoriously and joyously share the

one and only glorious ,majestic, love-filled gospel of Jesus Christ.

For Christ alone is our rock, fortress and warrior God. For our Savior-King

is the only true God who saves, rescues, transforms, and makes new.

So rejoice oh brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and expectantly put on

your Cross procured victorious, divine, Holy, shimmering glory and

power filled armor! Lift up your eyes, souls, hearts to Christ alone.

For our loving, saving warrior God reigns and is always in control.