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Like a beauty filled flower

seen peeping out for all to

see in the crack of a road,

side walk, wall, field, valley,

or mountain top. May we train

the mind we have in Jesus Christ

to look for, find, wonder ,and learn

from the sovereign beauty, love, hope,

glory, majesty, tender, and merciful

gifts that our Triune God sends our way

no matter what the blessing, trial or test.

Trust the beauty filled author of our lives.

For the blessings of our Creator and His

Creation never cease. The world our Creator

created is overladen with His tender gifts of

fragrance, splendor, beauty, glory, majesty,

love, forgiveness, mercy, and power. We can

always rejoice! For all of creation sings and is

but a symbolic symphony of the free gift of His

grace filled, glorious, gift of all gifts, Salvation.