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Every time we forgive

we become a glistening

chandlier showing forth

the gleaming beauty and

diamonds of spiritual

wealth that Jesus Christ

lavishly, lovingly, and

mercifully gifted to each

one of us by Christ Jesus,

our Master, King, and Lord.

May the gift of grace love,

and mercy we have been

given be lavishly and lovingly

bestowed to those who egregiously

sin against us. As royals, to this we

have been called to live out the chandelier

life of forgiveness just as our beloved

Savior did with His last breath.

“Father forgive them for they

know not what they do.”

Forgiveness, this is our royal

call of love and service as

born agains. And in doing

so we became the light of

the world, a chandelier

of glory as we point all

to the ultimate exquisite

chandelier light of the world,

Jesus Christ, our Savior Lord!