The internal, intricate gold and silver Heavenly

 design gleaming with emeralds, rubies, diamonds,

sapphires, and amethysts is such an exquisite

masterpiece of internal beauty and intricate design

that all who see it’s gleaming, sacred light  wonders

of its Kingly or Queenly origin. For this was the type

of treasure that only wealthy royals  could attain.


The Holy beauty of  this gleaming treasure beams with

such a beautiful divine and Holy light that all wonder

what is the source of this imperial beam whose redeemed

radiance fills and beautifies this new creature Holy, divine

triptych of heart, soul, and mind from within to without .


So majestic is this redemptive transformational

refashioning that all who truly accept this Alpha

and Omega source truly become a transformed

masterpiece of eternal exquisite beauty, holiness,

 and delight. For this Heavenly treasure is often

times found in dusty earthly jars of clay turned

into eternal vessels of gold and silver for royal use.


This is the legacy of those who know Jesus Christ

as Lord. The world may see us as dusty jars of clay.

But our King, Savior, Redeemer, Counselor, and

ultimate friend Jesus Christ our Lord has placed 

a royal insignia of salvation within our hearts

whose exquisite design and purpose is different

for each of us according to the gifts of grace He

bestows within us so we can advance His eternal plans.


So precious are we that scripture says

His glorious name will be written

on our foreheads. Using our Godly

imaginations, perhaps His blessed

name above all names, Jesus Christ

King of Kings and Lord of Lords will

be filled with His Heavenly ink, jewels

so rare and fine that we will all shine with

Heaven’s royal, insignia of our Savior’s

majestic name so Holy, righteous and divine.


Oh what earthly and eternal blessings

await us when we know that we belong

to the  King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Rejoice royals, rejoice, for we do not seek

a city that is here, but one that is to come.

Rejoice royals for all earthly matters are

occurring according to His sovereign plan!