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There is a demonic darkness covering our land just

as the Bible told us it would. There is indeed a

spiritual battle raging between good and evil

just as the Bible told us it would. There is a

Luciferian spirit waging war within our

beloved country just as the Bible told us it would!

Ah but this is not the end for the Christian.

There is always a ceaseless victory for those who

know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

There is a Cross wrought victory already eternally etched in

our hearts, minds, souls, and lives and that is the living truth

found in the inerrant, Holy, inspired words of our precious Savior,

our warrior, our Redeemer, and our soon coming, risen beloved

Lord just as the Bible told us it would! Take courage royals of the

eternal kingdom to come. This dusty, sin-filled world is not our

true forever home. We can always rejoice for our Savior will

win just as the Bible told us He would. Even though we know not

when, the golden trumpet will sound and all Christians will go to

our true Heavenly home, a joyous Kingdom that will never end.

Rise up in victory and expectant hope for our King is always within

us. Our Savior and King has already won the war. Our King is waiting

for all to be fulfilled. Our Redeemer Kinsmen is waiting for His Father

to tell His mighty archangel angel to blow the rapture trumpet and bring

all His redeemed , royal, beloved and adored children to our true eternal,

majestic HOME! Rejoice and let this truth bring all of His royals endless joy.

Armor up. The battle has begun. Our victory sure. For our victor is Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And in the end, He will win all battles forver

and forever, and forever more. Armor up. the battle has begun. Our victory

is sure. For Christ is our victory. Trust Him. For the blessed Bible tells us that

all that we are seeing would indeed be so. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly.