Our joy, Jesus who brings

us the gift of a new day

filled with royal and

imperial Christ sent

bounteous beauty and

blessings deserves our

continuous worship and

thankfulness and praise!

As God’s adored royals,

let us seek out, look for,

and worship Jesus Christ for

all His many gifts, blessings

and redeemed benefits

that surround and abound

within us and around us .

May our joy be to really

see and enjoy all HIs

copious gifts that encircle

us each and every day.

May we as God’s people

be the most thankful,

hopeful, joyful, merciful

for our precious, beloved

God is the Lord of Lords

Creator, Sustainer, and

lavish beauty adorner

of all that He has created.

May we be a people of

lavish and continual mercy,

joy, hope love, and praise!

For Jesus Christ, King of Kings

and Lord of Lords is our faithful

redeemer, Savior, and friend!