And God said, “Let there

be light,” And there indeed

was a beauty given eternal

and earthly light. Yet much

of humanity has chosen to

love darkness and evil

rather than the love filled

Savior of the World. And yet

we all wonder why the world

has grown so dark and dim.

Perhaps there comes a time

when each soul must repent

and see how we have offended

God’s precious, Holy, beloved

only Son, The Light of The World.

For there comes a time that God

will judge and bring down those

nations and souls who turn their

back on the living Lion of Judah

and his gleaming gift of Salvation.

He is still knocking on every human

soul hoping that none will perish but

that all will come to His everlasting

love through humble repentance

and belief in Christ alone through

faith alone. Christ, the Savior is

knocking on the doors of hearts

still. Run to the Cross sinners all.

Run to Christ! Receive Christ as

your personal Savior and Lord. For

He alone is Lord, Savior, Redeemer

and King . Repent and believe. Receive

His gracious and glorious gift of Salvation.

Then see your heart , soul, and life light

up with His never ending grace, hope,

mercy, and love. Salvation is the gift of all

gifts. Accept His precious, eternal, glorious

tranformative gift! Repent, believe, and receive.