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What a beauty and hope filled fragrant, victorious

ultimate friendship we have, when Jesus Christ is

our closest friend. There is no more faithful friend

in all the world then Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, oh rejoice for Emmanuel, God with us,

our Creator, our Sustainer, our precious, Holy,

divine Savior is our most faithful and loyal friend.

Rejoice for within, without, and wherever we

are there is our God, Emmanuel, God with us.

Our God, Emmanuel walks with us. This is

the Holy, divine, majestic, theological reality.

Rejoice for there is No greater gift. Rejoice for

there is no greater blessing than Emmanuel,

God’s only beloved Son, King of Kings and

Lord of Lords calls each of us…….friend.

Oh Rejoice royally redeemed in the doctrinal

beauty and majesty of Emmanuel, God with us!