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I have heard people unfairly slandered

who stand up for Biblical righteousness,

honor, dignity, and nobility of thought and

action as those who love drama. Such an

insipid weak hearted deluded excuse they use.

While all around them people they supposedly

serve are being mocked, scorned, and ruined.

Such arrogant anti-Biblical passivity is what some

Christians think is Christian while they watch others

being demonically destroyed. May we all love standing,

speaking proclaiming Biblical righteousness and truth

even though we are called those who love intensity So be it.

May we here bye declare that as a royally redeemed born again

believer, we love Biblical Christ-centered conflict if it means

we are taking a glorious stand for Christ-centered righteousness.

For taking a stand for Jesus Christ, each other and what is right,

noble, pure, holy, and lovely is the highest and most imperial

royal form of Christ-centered salty living that we are honored,

called, and blessed to humbly practice, live out, proclaim and obey.