Even when the world is falling into precipitously perilous,

times, there is always, always ceaseless hope found in our

majestic Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

For our ultimate source is never found in earthly

resources but in the Heavenly, Holy, incomparable

divine and Holy hope filled throne room and eternal

Kingdom of our God. Our hope is eternal. Our hope is

unconquerable! Our hope is in the Light of the World,

Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace.

Our hope and faith can always stand fast and firm no

matter how many unreasonable and wicked people

multiply. Take heart royals for our Triune God told

us that perilous times would come. Take heart for

we know that this earthly story will end in triumph

for the Christian. Take heart royally redeemed for

our God says when these things happen look up

for our long awaited redemption draweth nigh.

Take heart in the enormity and power found in

our Triune God. Take heart soldiers of the cross

and rejoice in our Savior’s power found in the Holy

inerrant words of but God. But God opened the

Red Sea. But God raised our Savior from the tomb.

But God saves a soul from sin’s blackened disease.

But God gives us all our daily bread and necessities.

But God gives us the ultimate living words, the Holy Bible.

But God protects us in all our ways with His imperial armies

of angels. But God can heal any nation who will but turn to

Jesus Christ again. Rejoice eternal royals of the Kingdom

of our Triune God in the doctrinal, royal, exquisite, majestic

beauty and ultimate power found within but God. But God!

But God! But God. This must be what all of Heaven sings.

This is heavens royal, divine and Holy melody. Mediate upon it.

Sing it. Rehearse it. Repeat it until it’s majestic truth is the flourishing

victorious, eternal, gold, silver, and gemstone doctrinal symphony

found forever interwoven upon our heart, soul, mind, and life.

May we all always revel in, marvel, and celebrate, BUT GOD!