Our treasure is Jesus Christ.

Our hope is Jesus Christ.

Our source is Jesus Christ.

Our identity is Jesus Christ.

Our joy is Jesus Christ.

Our future belongs to Christ.

Our talents and lives are bequeathed

as gifts by our Creator to be given

back to honor and glorify Him!

All creation, nations, people

were created by Him and for Him.

For without Him nothing exists.

Praise Him forever for Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords has

found, redeemed, and pardoned all

our iniquities. Praise Him for our

inestimable, incalculable beauty-filled

Salvation that makes all things new.

Praise Him for His ceaseless blessings

that if we ennumerated would take

a life time to list.. Praise Him for we are

His living redeemed temples. Praise Him

for we are His royal ambassadors here on

this earth clothed with the royal vestures of

underserved Salvation. Praise Him for His love

and His mercy! Praise our King for His inerrant,

living, life-giving word endures forever and forever.

Praise Father. Praise Jesus Christ. Praise the

Holy Spirit. May our lives be our Triune God’s

grateful and thankful hymnal of perpetual praise!