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Our belovedness in

Jesus Christ our

Savior, friend and

Lord is like a bright

beautiful ,sun filled

day whose warmth.

beauty, love, and grace

never ends. Focus upon,

think upon, study,

and rejoice on this

doctrinal, exhilarating,

joy producing reality!

We are always beloved.

We are always beloved.

We are always beloved.

Beloved, child of the

living, risen Saavior

we are all forever,

forever, forever, and

forever our Lord’s

favorite, favored,

beloved, royal, redeemed

exorbitantly beloved,

child of our Savior

and King of Kings!

The adoring gift of

Heavenly, perpetual

belovedness from

Father, Son, and

Holy Spirit shines

upon and within all

who are graciously

gloriously, eternally,

and royally redeemed!