Forgiveness is a mighty Triune God sourced

windy, love filled, divine, redeeming, transforming

force whose Father, Son and Holy Spirit sourced love

will overthrow the roots and branches of any and all

tree like wounds.Forgiveness is a mighty Triune God

sourced windy, Triune God filled, divine, Holy, redeeming,

transforming, love, mercy, Christ-given moment by moment

splendid, majestic discipline. For the last thing our precious,

Savior said was saturated in loving forgiveness, mercy, and

grace to all. For this is what our Redeemer our all in all gloriously

and victoriously said, “Father forgive them for they know not

what they do.” May we as Christ’s royally redeemed always

gloriously, joyously, victoriously and obediently do the same.