Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?

John 6:70 (KJV)

All of us have had times when God sends Judas’s

into our lives to change us and transform us more and

more into the image of God’s Son. And in the midst of

Christ’s agonizing, sovereignly designed suffering,

our all in all, Jesus gives us the most loving, merciful,

grace infused action of all by exorbitantly forgiving,

all, all. May Jesus be our example, and model no matter

how deep the wound, no matter how horrendous the

betrayal or lie. For our loving Savior, when on the Cross,

in agony and horrendous pain cried out, “Father forgive

them for they know what they do.”May we as God’s beloved

joint heirs never, no ever, not ever become someone’s Judas,

someone’s agonizing wound or scar. The redeemed should not

be known for destroying each other. May we always overcome all

evil with good so that all our earthly cares, trials, challenges, and woes

will be exchanged for triumphant, victorious, Heavenly, royal crowns.