Words have endless echoes in the heart,

soul, mind, and life. This is why our Holy

inerrant, blessed scriptures say, there is

life and death in the power of the tongue.

This is also why the scriptures give us an

answer to all the demonically sourced

verbal cruelty in the world today. “The words

that I give you they are Spirit and they

are life”. Ah blessed divine and Holy words

that give royals life. May your golden, Spirit

filled words be the only words that we ,as

your redeemed, choose to think, ponder,

reflect, memorize, depend, rely, trust, believe,

and esteem over all other words that barrage

us throughout our days! May your divine,

transforming, healing, Holy, inspired, inerrant

Words be what we always hold most dear to our

hearts, souls minds, lives. May scriptures, living,

gemstone filled streams refresh, encourage, build up,

teach, rebuke, correct and train us in righteousness

so that our only hope is never in the arm of flesh.

But may our only hope be found in our beauty-filled

God whose delight is found in His imperially redeemed!