In a world that creaks,

sways, and is perfumed

with favoritism and

politicized favors, oh

what a blessed, precious

gift and promise from

our King of Kings.

And it is this. That

there is no, no, no,

respect of persons

with our Triune God.

For we are all equal at

the foot of His Cross,

sinners saved by His

precious, phenomenal,

transcendent, exorbitant,

exceeding, extravagant

undeserved gift of grace!

May we bless, honor, and

glorify the name of our Lord

and Savior Jesus Christ,

forever, and forever more

by giving the same lavish grace

that was given to us to those

who have been demonically,

blinded, misguided, and deceived!

May the joy or our hearts be to share

the transforming, new creature, hope filled

gospel news with each and every soul.