For every kindness given, for every mercy bestowed,

for every demonic persecution and slander endured,

for every forgiveness extended, for every evil that was

overcome with good, for every injustice or evil that was

met with authentic, and sensitive compassion, for every tear

that was tendered with Christ’s love, for every soul that is won to

Jesus Christ, for any and all deeds small or great done for the

glory of God, for all of this there is laid up for the redeemed

inconceivable rewards in Heaven. And yet for the Christian the

most blessed, precious reward of all will be seeing our beloved

Savior face to face and hearing our Redeemer give the highest

commendation of all, “Well done thou good and faithful servant,

enter now into your Heavenly home. You have fought a good fight.

You have finished your course. You have kept the faith. Welcome

home!” What a glorious day that will be for each and every one of us!

May this be the glorious commendation we all are striving towards!