I tell you, on Judgment Day people will give an account for every thoughtless word they have uttered,

Matthew 12: 36

The beauty of our splendor filled Triune God

is that His transformative love and power is

all encompassing without respect of persons.

Such power should change every part of us

especially our words, and our speech.

But I see an end time trend where there

are those who selfishly only care about

their own reputations, careers, titles

possessions and power, who engage in

gossip, slander and lies. Over this I know our

Savior weeps. For they have forgotten

the precious gold and silver filled promise

of our beloved Savior, the last shall be first.

May we all labor to be last not first to esteem

each other higher then ourselves. And tragically,

lamentably, the name of this type of person is Christian.

The destroyer, Satan destroys, the Christian should not!

These things ought not to be so, ought not to be so!