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Just a glorious reminder, Jesus Christ, our Savior,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords is forever and forever

reigning and ruling from His throne of incomparable

glory. Jesus Christ is reigning today. Our Redeemer is

reigning every day. Our King of Glory will continue

to reign now and forevermore in sovereign perfection!

Because of this exhilarating truth the redeemed can

always rejoice for Jesus Christ King of Kings and

Lord of Lords, Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God,

and the  Prince of Peace is mercifully, lovingly, mercifully,

sovereignly, justly, compassionately and gloriously

reigns and rules over all peoples, over all nations,

over all souls, over all of Heaven and all of earth!

Soldiers, sojourners, persecuted for righteousness

sake, royals, redeemed, Kings, Queens, Priests of the

eternal kingdom to come, we can forever rejoice

for our majestic, beauty-filled Triune God gloriously

reigns in Heaven and on earth. Praise His Holy Name.