black and white eagle flying

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So thankful for a Triune God who is our constant companion

and most loyal friend. So grateful for our God who changes not,

who is always overflowing with grace, mercy, truth, and love.

So adoring is our Savior’s love that His loving proportions of tender

mercies, grace, love, and discipline is always meted out in a divine,

Holy, perfect, loving, balanced way so as to make us into His sanctified

vessels of gold and silver, to make us into His most adored and treasured

friends. For His hand of tender sovereign grace is always transforming

us into His royal, Holy, Heavenly citizens of unimaginable, incomparable

beauty. For His intent and purpose is always love. And His Holy Heavenly

writer’s pen is to always produce in us His Holy gold, His Heavenly ways

full of eagles wings.  For His divine and royal etchings of His Holy will is

written in our hearts, minds, souls, and lives and comes from  His precious,

perfect, living Holy word. Such a friend is He that His heart, his ways,

his words are lovingly written for us, to us, in us, on us to transform us

into light-filled ambassadors for His kingdom that will never, no can ever end.

Pour out your hearts, souls, minds to Jesus Christ oh people of God. For

He alone is the most perfect, trustworthy, kind, authentic, worthy most

beauty-filled companion, and constant friend. May we all look to Him. May

we all look to our glorious Savior. May we all look to Jesus Christ, our most

faithful friend. For His Heavenly, victorious ways are always full of eagles wings!