ancient antique armor armour

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Take your hardest situation,

take your greatest irritation,

take your most unfair betrayal,

take your greatest stressor,

take your most immense need,

take your biggest dream or dreams,

take all your unrealistic expectations,

take all your anxieties about the future,

take all fiery darts,  gossip, and lies that have

been demonically and darkly forged against

you as you invite and expect Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords to come stand

right in the very midst of all such heartaches

with you as he makes your valley into a fragrant,

flowering, victorious, triumphant, mountaintop

of faith that will strengthen you to do His Kingdom

work and His sovereign will! As He is forming all of us

into soldiers of the cross, may we daily and victoriously

put on our royal armor! May we sharpen our swords as we

study, memorize, practice, treasure, and live out the precious

words of our Triune God in our hearts, souls, minds as our

true sure,  unbreakable  and golden foundation!

Royal and dual citizens of Heaven and earth leave

all worries and wounds with Jesus Christ, friend of

all friends. Royal, majestic citizens just wait and  see

what our amazing, precious, trustworthy Savior can do

with His divine and sovereignty planned valley or trial

of wounds and worry ,or sickness. Watch, wait, trust,

be still as we wait expectantly,  patiently, hopefully for

our Savior, our redeemer, our rescuer Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and  Lord of Lords to work out everything,

every single detail for our good, His glory and His most

precious, beautiful, glorious, perfect, divine, and Holy will!