Without Jesus Christ at the

center of any nation or heart,

anarchy, mayhem, darkness,

and demonic principalities will

always impart the darkness of  lying,

killing, stealing, and destruction.

For this is the derelict signature

of demonic activities and spiritual

wickedness in high and sin-filled

places. May all nations and people

repent and turn back to Jesus Christ

King of Kings and Lord of Lords while

there is still time to repent, receive,

and believe. For our loving, precious

Savior Jesus Christ is the only divine

and Holy ruler that has the power

to redeem, restore, and reconcile

any and all who will but repent and

receive Christ’s atonement through

His cross and His magnificentSalvation!

What a beautiful, loving, mericiful

Savior who longs to save and redeem

all those He has so  beautifully, lovingly

and masterfully created! Amen and Amen!