So miraculous, so divine, so Holy is the Word of God

that you could take one verse and study its truths

for a lifetime and still not plummet it’s divine, royal

breadth, height, width, and depth. So amazing

is our God’s words full of truth, prophecy, and

wisdom for living. So amazing is our God’s

Holy Words to us that every time we are

privileged to open His words of Life we are

constantly being formed and reshaped to be

more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

His words so powerful, so beautiful, so true

so miraculous that whenever we open His

words our Triune God has just a word for

every individual that runs to meet Him in His

Holy, precious inerrant words. Run to Him through

His words royals of the Kingdom to come. For His

words are our life, our strength, our instructions

to follow Him in His beauty-filled narrow way. Rejoice,

rejoice, rejoice for our Triune God’s Holy, majestic,

miraculous ever flowering fragrant, life and light

giving Rhema words gives us triumphant, luminous

and victorious hope no matter what comes our way!