Greatest most exceptional nation on earth,  America, founded on the

beauty, truth, freedom found in the inerrant Words and Biblical

principles and truths of our  Creator, our Savior, our most Holy God.

Such a noble, splendid, righteous, and blood-bought national birth.

Precious America whose magnificent heritage has secured the costly

gift of freedom for generation upon generation, upon generation. For our

exceptional nation’s miraculous, priceless, noble birth was founded on the

absolute truth of God’s word,  Salvation, faith, and the blood of so many, many

precious patriots of freedom.  On this day and every day may we know that our

Triune God, our Creator, our Savior has made this nation the greatest and most

exceptional nation this world has ever seen! May we never be ashamed of our

Creator who made this beauty filled nation exquisite, exceptional, and full of

freedom. May we always honor those heroic souls who gave their lives to purchase freedom for all!

For our God’s promise is to bless any nation whose God is the Lord!  May this

extraordinary nation, whose blessed, noble, and most holy motto  “In God, We

trust”  continue to choose to honor,  glorify, trust, adore, acclaim, and proclaim

the one and only true God, the one and only true author of freedom, faith,

dignity, worth, and eternal salvation. May the  foundation of our lives hearts,

souls, minds be our amazing Triune God whose name is Jesus  Christ, King

of Kings and Lord of Lords.  May this most amazing, beautiful, exceptional

nation honor Him who is our precious Creator  the divine and Holy author

who has truly made our nation the greatest most exceptional nation on earth.

For blessed is the nation whose God is the  Lord.  For blessed is the nation

whose God is the Lord! Indeed, blessed  are we and will continue to be when

our nation honors and adores Jesus Christ, our  blessed Creator, Savior,

Redeemer, Lord, risen and living King of Kings and Lord of Lords who reigns

over all peoples and all nations. As our most beloved President has said,

“We stand tall. We stand proud. We will not forget our forefathers. And we

will  only kneel to almighty God .” We are Americans, the greatest country

on earth!  May God continue to bless the greatest, most beautiful nation

on earth. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! And blessed is

America,  the greatest, most exeptional nation on earth! Amen and Amen!