grayscale photo of the crucifix

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We are living in times that only Jesus

can heal, transform, and mend! For only

our precious, priceless, perfect, sinless Saviour,

Jesus Christ can bring endless healing, mercy,

forgiveness, hope, righteousness, transformation

and a ceaseless, beautiful, redeemed, born-again,

celestial, light-filled radiant love that can never,

that will never, that can never, no ever, not ever end.

For horror of all horrors, our Savior died a death

where His divine and Holy breath was taken away.

May all nations, all people, all souls repent, receive,

believe, and turn to Him for the free, glorious gift of

salvation. For Jesus Christ ,King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

graciously, lovingly, mercifully, and beautifully,  transforms,

makes news, mends, comforts, soothes, and eternally redeems!