In this world there will be thorns, for our precious Savior

told those who are redeemed this would indeed be so.

Ahh but in Heaven, our true eternal home we will

all receive rewards and crowns because of our love

for our Savior, how we lived, and what we have done.

So when thorny wounds caused by this thorn filled

world are allowed by our all knowing Father we must

all focus on our eternal home where there will be no

more tears, cruelty, injustice, slander or thorns but ceaseless,

joy, hope, love, light, and Heavenly crowns. For our hope is not

in this sin-filled, ever darkening world. Our hope is in seeing our

glorious Savior and friend face to face who will ceaselessly delight,

value, and adore equally each and every precious Saint for all of eternity.