Our hope is not in the dusty cities of this earth.

No our glorious eternal hope is always found in our

Heavenly home where dust, moth, thieves cannot

invade or destroy. For this ever-darkening world full

of chaos, dread, and disease with glimmers of faith, hope,

and love from Saints whose hearts have been redeemed is

fleeting. This is we know. For Jesus foretold that this world

is not our home. So Saints, soldiers, sojourners, salt of the earth,

still, we can, we must, we will journey on with victorious faith,

hope, and love-filled living while in the midst of this ever-shifting,

ever-darkening culture. With our Christ-given saltiness and our

living, thrilling, undimmable everlasting, victorious, triumphant

Salvation given hope in our hearts, that can never be diminished

or taken away, we can with hope courageously, boldly, unashamedly

find joy in every day. Christians take heart! May our focus, our faith

our hope be found on the unseen realm of glory, not on the seen fury

of the enemy who seems to knows His time is short. For when darkness

wickedness, calamities are getting worse and worse, and sin is growing more

and more diseased, look up for our redemption draweth nigh! Even so, come

quickly is our heart’s battle cry, Even so, come, Lord Jesus, this indeed is every

Christian’s hope and desire! But until then, precious Saints of God, fight on!