By faith we know our God is the

true rewarder to all those who

diligently seek Him with all

their hearts, souls, and minds.

For we choose not to seek the

perishable. perilous earthly

rewards of power, pleasure

fame or riches of this world.

No we choose better rewards,

the divine, Heavenly imperishable,

eternal rewards given to us by

Jesus Christ, our glorious King!

May we keep our eyes on our

eternal prizes, Heaven’s crowns

given to us by our all in all, our

Saviour, our Redeemer, our

truest and most faithful friend!

May we all pursue with all our

hearts, souls, minds to hear

our Savior say to us, Well done

thou good and faithful servant!

May this be the prize we seek.

So until then, by eternal, glorious,

royal faith and obedience may we

all pursue to make Him known and thus

receive Heaven’s imperishable crowns!