There is a battle raging on between the Satanically fueled powers, principalities

of evil and Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and His victorious majestic legions of

angels of light. There is a battle raging on. A war we know that we know that we

know that cannot and will not be won by devils, demons, and those who would

lie, kill, and destroy all those who are found in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.




There is a Garden of Eden eternal battle raging on where good is called

evil and evil is called good. Where slander, destruction, and lies are

demonically forged in the mouths of blinded and beguiled lost men and

women who have accepted Satan’s lies.  For even now we are tragically

seeing this in those who call themselves Christians,  Saints of God.




There is a battle raging on. It started at the beginning of time when that

old serpent, Satan hissed and beguiled His way to deceive Eve then Adam.

There is a battle raging on that seeks to destroy and deceive as many souls

as He can with intellectualism, relativism, modernism, hedonism, atheism,

humanism, socialism, and eastern mysticism. Any ism and distortion of the

truth the wicked angel of light and deception will distort and use while

joyfully blinding souls and presenting heinous darkness as Satanic truth.




There is a battle raging  on against any nation, people, tribe, or individual

whose all in all is found in Yeshua,our living, and our only Savior and true

King of Kings. There is indeed a battle going on that must be won.




There is a  battle raging on in the form of prejudice, and racism of any type,

enemy driven hatred and wars that cannot or will not be won against God’s

precious  people. Such demonically led racism is especially seen against the

only true nation of God’s heart, the precious, precious land of Israel, the one

and only true Jewish state. For our God has said he will bless those that bless

Israel and curse those who tragically do not.





There is a  battle raging on for the soul of our nation where lies are

called truth and where language is deceptively and demonically

engineered and utilized to masque God’s eternal light-filled truths.




There is a battle raging  on against schools and our public square where

prayer, the Holy Word of God, Jesus Christ, our Savior  and Lord, our all in all,

the one and only true God, the one who has truly made our Nation great has

been eagerly dismissed, marginalized, mocked,  disregarded, scorned, banned,

and not allowed anywhere.




There is a battle raging on in the halls of our governments where socialism,

communism, modernism, and the egregious error manufactured hellish

doctrine of separation of Church and state is preached as the gospel instead

of the blessed saving grace-filled truth of our Lord.  For our Triune God is

the true and only author, source, and true proponent of true and Holy freedom.

For when Christ is truly at the center of any government,  nation, or state,

He promises that He will indeed bless the nation whose God is the Lord.




There is a battle raging on that would minimize, distort, misuse,  and question

the blessed divine Inerrant, righteous, Holy words of our Triune God and twist

our blessed Holy Scriptures in a way that is not Holy, right, noble, just, or true.




There is a demonic battle raging on in nations where men, women, children

of faith are cruelly persecuted, tortured, and unmercifully killed just for

meeting in a church and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.




There is a battle raging on in our courts where men and women distort the

laws of our land and our constitution that was and is founded on our being

one nation under God and prosecutes those whose only crime is to love God ,

family, freedom, and God’s righteous ways. There is a battle raging on that must be won.



There is a battle raging on in our Government where there is Satanically

sourced rebellion against democracy, federalism, nationalism, and disrespect

for authority is encouraged, praised, and promoted.  A post-Christian nation

where unkindness and disrespect are oftentimes proudly, loudly, wickedly,

cruelly, and ceaselessly on sinful display.




There is a battle raging on in the press where lies, discord, slander,

fake news, is being presented as reality and truth. A lamentable,

tragic, anti-God, socialistic, and communistic attack on all that is just,

right, Holy, and true. There is indeed a battle raging on that must be won.




There is an eternal battle raging on that God foretold in His most

blessed, inerrant, precious word that in the end times perilous times

would come. That there would be wars, rumors, of wars, disease, pestilences,

plagues, famines, great and growing demonic wickedness that grows darker

darker, and darker and darker, earthquakes, groanings of the earth, and woes.



There is a battle raging on where innocent children are cruelly murdered

in their Mother’s wombs. How are  Savior and Redeemer must weep that

those blessings, those precious children you have most wondrously and

gloriously created and knit together are being slaughtered, murdered,

sown asunder, tortuously, and monstrously killed through vile and heinous

acts of murderous wickedness. For those who are tragically and Satanically

deceived call it a mother’s choice. Oh, how Heaven must roar at such an atrocity.




Lord, there is a battle raging on that you foretold. Yet our hope is in thee.

Our blessed hope is that you will come and rapture your people home for

times are growing darker and darker. We know not when you will come.

But until you do rise up army of Jesus Christ, put your armor on. And while

we fight for what is right, noble, true, Holy and  just in God’s most Holy eyes,

we know that  in our oftentimes perilous and victorious fight, our Savior,

Emmanuel, Legions of angels, the Lord God, Yeshua, the righteous roaring

Lion of the tribe of  Judah, The Prince of Peace, the only true and righteous

Judge, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the ultimate warrior of justice

and truth is forever, forever, forever, and forever on our side and will see us

victoriously through.



There is a battle raging on for the enemy of our souls knows time is short

and God is coming soon. There is a Satanic and evil battle raging on that

calls sin righteousness and righteousness evil. A battle that would distort and

attack the Holy, beloved,  righteous definition of the family and call for tolerance

instead of God’s Holy, Biblical and righteous definition of family which is only

between one man and one woman. This is God’s only accepted divine, holy,

and splendid, glorious joy-filled, righteous way. Oh, there is a battle raging on.



There is a battle raging on that will be victoriously won by Jesus Christ, our

coming King. There is an eternal battle raging on that will soon be won. Rise up

church, Saints, those who are truly  His, put on the golden breastplate of His

righteousness, Shield of faith, Helmet of salvation, the fiery and living beauty

filled sword of the Spirit which is His word. Fight on with prayer, fasting,

supplications, scripture reading, and by proclaiming, ceaselessly and constantly

defending our Savior’s most Holy ways,  May we never stop boldly. courageously

sharing and proclaiming that  Jesus Christ gloriously, royally redeems,  saves,

transforms, and makes new all who will but repent, receive,  and believe.



Oh yes, there is a battle raging on. And it has raged on throughout all the

ages and is seen in history’s pages.  There is a battle raging on that will be

won every time a sinner becomes a Saint. Saints, soldiers, Christ’s royalty

here on earth,  keep looking up for our redemption, our blessed hope draws

nigh.  For when earthly affairs seem to be falling apart, our Savior and Lord

is teaching us his majestic and hope-filled triumphant truth that perhaps all

things all falling together according to His most precious eternal plan. For

scripture teaches this. “And we know [with great confidence]  that God [who

is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for

good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and

purpose. His word is our internal and external beauty and hope-filled strength.



There is a battle raging on when nations look more like Sodom and

Gomorrah and sin-filled modernized Towers of Babel seem to be endlessly

and ceaselessly on the rise. There is indeed a battle raging and raging on.



There is a battle raging on when evolution, made in the image of an

animal demonic lie, is being taught instead of humanity being made

in the image of a Holy, righteous, and eternal God who made man,

man, and woman, woman. Such a blasphemous venomous demonically

socially engineered lie is being spun. For there are only two Christ

created genders that Jesus Christ created and that is male and female.

Oh yes, there is indeed a demonic battle raging on that must be won!



There is a battle raging on that will be forever won by  Jesus Christ our

Savior, our Messiah, our risen Redeemer, our all in all, the Great I AM,

our triumphant coming King. There is a battle raging on. Rise up church

and put on your royal glorious,  glittering,  gleaming gold, silver, and

gem-encrusted, light-filled, Holy and righteous Christ provided, Spirit-filled

triumphant armor on! Rise up precious, ferocious, gentle, Christ-honoring

church as we model and proclaim our Savior’s forgiveness and rightfully

balanced grace and truth. Rise up grace, love, and truth-filled warrior Saints.

For there is a battle raging on. There is a battle raging on that must be won.



There is a battle of the ages that is raging on between light and darkness,

Christ, Satan, powers and principalities, and wickedness in high places .

This we know. For this is what our Savior foretold and is taught in the

enduring truth and gospel filled prophetic Word of our living God. Yes,

there is an eternal and earthly battle of the ages that is raging on that has

already been won through the cross, the empty tomb, and His assured

hope-filled promise that He is coming soon even though we know not when.

Let us all fill our hearts, souls, minds, lives with our Lord and Savior’s victorious,

triumphant truth. For the victory has already been won. But we must continue

to fight on and on until He victoriously, triumphantly, and gloriously comes.

Amen and Amen.