When Sunbeams radiate their light-filled Christ-created glory into trees,

sunlit emerald leaves shine a Holy gift of wonder and beauty right back into

those souls who daily pursue Christ’s loveliness in all that they see. For when

the redeemed pursue Christ’s beauty, His glory, His majesty, His aesthetic of

love, this is when we see Him most revealed. For it is because of His

beauty-filled, Christ-created, Holy masterpieces of splendor throughout

all the earth that we  see His love, His heart, His light, His transforming

redeeming power. Salvation’s  story can always be seen, discovered,

noticed, appreciated, pursued, revealed, accepted, and received because

of  His glory, light-filled, majestic Imago Dei creations! For behind every

creation is the Creator whose love and forgiveness when received always

redeems and opens blinded eyes that could not see His light, His love.

This, this, royal, redemptive, transforming truth, salvation’s story, is the

message that all of Creation sings. Hear, see, ponder, proclaim, repeat!