May we all choose to focus on our Saviour’s lavish love. For such ponderings

regarding His exquisite love gives us all His ceaseless courage, His golden grace,

His Heavenly hope, His surrounding, sustaining, soldiering strength from

above so that we can all mount up with wings like eagles and run our race

focusing on His tender Cross-bought, adoration for each and every one of us.

May His tender love for each and every one of us bring exorbitant, expectant

exhilaration to every day knowing the immensity, beauty, and power of our

Triune God. For His gold, silver, and gemstone tapestried, omniscient, sovereign

dealings are woven into all our lives for our growth and because of His all things

work together for our good Kingdom plan. May this, this thought of His internal,

eternal gifts of grace, hope, and love give us all His victorious height, depth,

width, length, and Cross given wings as we all seek to victoriously live out our

faith and rise above it all for the glory of Jesus Christ our Savior, our Lord,

our Messiah, our King, our Emmanuel, our risen, living, loving, forgiving,

merciful, royal Redeemer, and friend.  As we focus on our Saviors’ lavish

love, may this logos, Biblical, majestic, thrilling truth give us His eternal wings!