Our Triune God is our Holy community that bids all of us to be a light

in this world. For our God is filled with beauty, splendor, holiness,

righteousness, forgiveness, mercy love, and grace. As we clothe ourselves

with Jesus Christ moment by moment and die to self so that He might

increase and we decrease, may we all always remember that we are

the Rose of Sharon fragrance in this world. May our fragrance, our source,

our all in all be found in Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

May we as repentant, humble and now victorious royals, Saints of the

eternal city, be found overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit not over flowing

with the anti-biblical spirit of this age. Rise up church. Rise up church with love.

Rise up church with courage, kindness and strength. Rise up church as we

dig out inestimable treasures from His word that can only give us true,

divine, and energizing life and hope. Rise up as we worship, pray, repent,

forgive, praise, and sing. Rise up church for such a time of this we have

all been chosen to share the good news of our Risen King! RISE up! Rise UP!

RISE UP! Rise! Rise up and humbly serve all of humanity who needs to see

our Triune God’s compassion and love through each and every one of us who

are gloriously, triumphantly and imperially redeemed. Rise up! Rise up!