And the patriarchs moved with envy, sold Joseph into Egypt: but God was with him.

Acts 7:9 (KJV)

When God’s adored royal children

find themselves in heartbreaking

difficulties through no fault of

their own or perhaps because of

their own choosing, may we hear the

Holy roar of Heaven, for the Lion of Judah,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

is on His way to defend His own.

Imagine with eyes of faith all of

the majestic angels with gold and

silver wings full of every bedazzling

gemstone that has ever been created being

sent to intervene and to bring the message

of God to all His royals called, redeemed.

And the message is this, but God!

For we all need to remember this

glorious and eternal promise.

Whether in a pit, but God.

Whether in a prison, but God.

Whether falsely accused, but God.

Whether in the wilderness, but God.

Whether in prosperity, but God.

Whether in poverty, but God.

Whether on the mountaintop of success, but God.

Whether in the valley of humiliation, but God.

Whether found in favor, but God.

Whether found in disfavor, but God.

Whether in a palace, but God.

Wherever we are or will be, but God.

This must be the royal anthem of

Heaven and all the Angelic Hosts,

but God, but God, but God, but God.

This is what the people of our Triune

God should always be rehearsing,

saying, praying, and praising

but God, but God, but God.

Stand in awe and wonder as we

all expectantly and  victoriously

watch and pray for those“but God”

moments in our day to day activities,

a divine and Holy moment where

our triumphant Triune God divinely,

miraculously, lovingly, righteously and

gloriously intervenes in our hearts, souls,

minds, and lives.  For truly we can always

rejoice for our all-sufficient Savior, our Jesus,

Jesus, Jesus, Emmanuel is always tenderly

with us and always omnipresently there.