But God is the judge he putteth down one and setteth up another.

Psalm 75:7 (KJV)


Our precious, Father

Savior, and Holy Spirit,

immensity in motion,

omniscient, omnipotent,

omnipresent, you are

our God whom we

revel in and adore!

We want to only

know you oh Lord.

We want to make you

famous, known, glorified

throughout all our days.

May we seek to only

make your name known

never our own, never

our own, never our own.

For we trust your nail-pierced

hands. You setteth some up.

You put others down. Our

precious Triune God,

we trust you with all

our hearts. Thank you for

being the ultimate divine

and Holy architect of all

our moments, all our days!

We trust you with all hearts,

souls, minds, lives. You setteth

some up. You put others down.

We trust you, oh Lord.  For you alone

are our beauty and majesty filled

confidence. You are our trusted friend

and judge. When you set us up, we trust

you. When you put us down, we trust you

oh Lord, our strength and redeemer!

You oh Lord are our joy and delight

the trusted architect of all our days!

Stand in awe and wonder as we all

expectantly and  victoriously watch and

pray for those “but God” moments in our

day to day activities, a divine and Holy

moment where our glorious, triumphant,

Triune God divinely, miraculously, lovingly,

righteously and gloriously intervenes in our

hearts, souls, minds and lives.  For truly we

can always rejoice for our Savior, our all sufficient

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Emmanuel is always tenderly

with us and is always omnipresently there.