How many times

have we all heard,

But He did this.

But she did this.

But I did…this.

Or how many times

do tragic, slanderous

false narratives and

false accusations

happen against faithful

children of God from

from those who call

themselves Christians.

I have seen such demonic

accusations happen over

and over and over again.

These things should not be so!

Why are we so focused

on each other? Is this

not the enemies ploy

to switch our attention

from Jesus to others?

May the Sprit of

the living God

within us all

switch our focus

from earthly to eternal

to Jesus King of Kings

and Lord of Lords.

Royal ambassadors

of Jesus Christ, it is

when this tragedy

occurs that we can

all call upon our

Triune God as we

all victoriously

stand back and see

the mighty power

of the Triune God

gloriously rescue.

By faith stand back,

be still and see the

living, royal Words

of “but God” happen

on your behalf.

But God! But God!

But God! But God!

By faith, stand back,

be still, then expectantly

wait to be amazed by

our warrior King of Kings!

But God! But God! But God

But God! But God! But God!

This is the royal, inerrant ,

Biblical, living, power-filled,

praise-filled, joy-filled

expectant anthem we

should all be rehearsing

in our hearts, souls, and minds

to switch our minds from

the earthly to the eternal.