May we be the ones that when we speak

of our Triune God or  others that we are the

redeemed, rare, and radiant jewelers that cast forth

light and love-filled words full of beauty, truth,

mercy, grace, and wisdom. May we be the ones

whose speech, minds, souls, lives are adorned with

biblically faceted gemstones full of diamonds, emeralds,

pearls, sapphires, topaz, ruby, and amethyst mined from

the lavish wealth and favor that is found in our  Triune God alone!

May all who are brought our way come to see, feel, know,

and realize the spiritual riches we truly, undeservedly,

but mercifully have is because of Jesus Christ, our adoring,

loving, grace-filled, victorious, resurrected, majestic Savior and Lord