The seekers ran to a field of flowers where there was beauty filled

fragrant blooms. Blooms of every type and color so majestic

was their fragrance so vibrant their earthly hue that their very

divine and Holy essence always loomed and was always remembered.

So full of Christ-given beauty given by their divine and Holy maker,

their Creator,  their sustainer and beauty filled Lord and Savior that the

seekers did not want to leave or move away from this beauty drenched field of flowers.


After the seekers very long and tiring  journey, there was such exuberant joy

for the lost had searched for such a field of flowers glorious within and

without with divine and Holy fragrant blooms, for it seemed like a lifetime.

Their vibrant blooms did not fade, change, wither or die for their source

was not an earthly source but a Heavenly one. And the flowers did

not become briars or thorns as long as their source was Christ alone,

the lily of the valley, the rose of Sharon, the one and only true and living way.

This fragrant, divine and Holy gift is what the seekers sought for they

too wanted to be glorious within and without because of the Savior’s

gift of salvation found in Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So they bent their knees, admitted they were sinners and followed

Jesus and His most precious ways. And before long these new

believers became another field of flowers glorious within and

without with divine and Holy fragrant blooms because of the

Cross of Christ, the blood of Jesus, and the precious gift of eternal life.


Church, may we be that rare Christ-filled, beauty-filled, fragrant filled, Spirit

formed majestic, Holy, loving field of flowers, glorious within and without so

those other precious souls can be lovingly, mercifully brought out of the dark and

graciously drawn into God’s redeeming, joyous, transforming glorious Heavenly light.