When heroes or heroines of the faith are

promoted to the beauty-filled, golden glories

of Heaven, the earthly sphere seems to become

less majestically bright for the world has lost a Godly

Father, Son, and Spirit-filled, eternally created precious presence.

And yet with eyes of faith I believe the Spirit bids us see and imagine

and fill in what scripture already so beautifully and inerrantly reveals.

So I imagine when a divinely appointed, sovereign

earthly loss occurs, there must be a royal and

Holy celebratory welcoming in Heaven, the likes of which

we cannot even comprehend. The sounds of gold

silver, and gem stone studded royal trumpets

must blare. Heavenly choirs and symphonies must

fill the air for each and every cherished home coming

of each and every saint of our Triune God.

 Angels, cherubims, saints, family and friends must

plan each and every detail to make sure this royal

heir has a home coming that is so glorious they would

 never want to come back to dusty earth again even if they could.

Then I imagine the momentous, Holiest ,most exhilarating

 crescendo of all moments arrives when the royal ,redeemed,

faithful child of the most High God is welcomed into the eternal Kingdom

and sees the King of Kings face to face, and feels his tender, majestic,

royal embrace, while hearing their Creator specifically say to His royal heir,

“Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the love, joy

 and Holy wonder-filled royal courts of your, eternal home.”