So staggered I am at divine royal, holy beauty. Our Triune God’s

tapestried, bejeweled royal elegance makes me never want to leave

such an exquisite magnificent presence. It is the kind of Holy beauty

that made me want to linger and memorize their Trinitarian essence

so that what I sensed could be internalized and externalized in the

golden, silver, bronze, and charcoal moments of life. I knew that

anyone who saw such a Holy, divine, wonder would be changed from

the inside out for the rest of their life. I chose to stay there for hours

in such a divine beauty in the throne room of the King of Kings, creator

of all light.  And I knew that this privilege was granted to all believers

who spent time in prayer or in God’s Holy beauty drenched word.

This privilege of gazing on and meditating on the tapestried,

beauty-filled, bejeweled banner over every soul, the banner of

Christ’s, Holy, transformative, redeeming, love makes me worship

our Lord and Savior even more.