At the end of each day, should not our royal. divine, and Holy Christ-centered prayer be this?

Lord Jesus Christ, maker of who we are, who made us in the  image of the great I AM,

Was I kind? Because Jesus has been kind to me?

Was I merciful? Because Jesus has been merciful to me?

Was I sensitive to the needs of others for Christ has lavishly met mine?

Was I gracious? Because His grace has covered all my sins?

Was I forgiving? Because it was it was my sins that nailed Him to an anguished Cross and put a crown on thorns upon His blessed Holy brow?

Was I patient? For he has been patient with me?

Was I humble? For if I was the only person on the earth, he would have chosen to die for me?

Was I gentle in tone, in attitude, in action, in speech? For His gentle love has given us the title of chosen, loved, forgiven, cherished, royal heir, redeemed! For it is only by His gentleness that has made us all great.

Was I bold in sharing kindly and graciously to all the free and glorious gospel news that Jesus Christ is love, grace, mercy, truth, and the one and only way?  Did I let everyone I was blessed to meet know that it is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus who seeks to save all who come to Him as repentant sinner so that he can grant all the title of royal heir, joint heir of Jesus Christ, Child of the one and only true and living King?

At the end of each day, should not our royal, divine and Holy Christ-centered prayer be this?