When Holy, divine, royal, lavish, glory-filled intricately crafted amethyst

laden, luminous spiritual armor is intentionally and joyously put on,

it is on these days heart, soul, and mind is celestially protected.

It is when we, as royal heirs purposely put on our majestic royal armor

that all the fiery, destructive, darkened enemy driven darts, arrows,

insults, and false accusations effortlessly fall away from the

blood bought, cross-wrought, mighty, adored, lavishly loved,

exquisite, Trinitarian  empowered  soilders of the cross.


When Holy, divine, royal, lavish, glory filled intricately crafted amethyst

laden, luminous armor is not intentionally and joyously put on due to

weariness, discouragement, apathy, or lack of knowledge in knowing how

truly powerful and Triune God-filled our armor is, it it then on these

defenseless and unecessarily helpless days, moments, days, weeks or

tragically even years that the fiery, destructive, darkened enemy’s posion

can if allowed deeply  wound, discourage,  and tragically and avoidably

defeat blood bought,  cross wrought, lavishly loved, exquisite , Trinitarian

empowered soilders of the cross.