The enemy likes to try to discourage God’s royals in the lowlands where

there is darts of slander,  lies,  gossip, divisions, destruction and Satanically

driven darkened dynamics all around. But God, but God, but God, but God

bids us to stand still,  valiantly speak out, and put our divinely golden etched

armor on so that such darkened dynamics  do not even touch a warrior of the

King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For when divinely appropriated spiritual

armor is on. It is impossible for a Child of the King to be overcome by the

enemies perilous schemes. For when we put our daily battle apparel  on as

royal  heirs, ambassadors of the King, we are immediately standing upon

the high ground, the rock of  Jesus Christ where he says, “Child of grace you

need  only to stand still, for I will fight  all your battles for you.  You need only

to stand still, put your armor on and stand upon the only eternal omniscient,

omnipresent, omnipotent rock of all the ages, Jesus . Then be reverentially and

expectantly calm, still knowing that the miracles of Jericho, the Red Sea,

the five loaves and fishes the calming of the storm still abound, Watch ,see

and hope, watch, see and hope, watch, see, and hope watch, see and hope

expectantly.  For the mighty works of our God can  by faith occur on bended

knees with hearts full of faith, wonder and incessant  prayer, For our God is our

Warrior-King. For our God is our Warrior-King, For our God is our Warrior King.

For our God is our Warrior-King.  The battle is not ours. It is the Lord’s.

Amen, Amen and Amen.