rosesTo humbly come

to the living, Holy,

inerrant word of

our trinitarian God

just to be loved,

just to be filled,

just to be built up,

just to be re-focused,

just to behold Jesus,

just to be transformed,

just to be polished,

just to be perfected,

just to be refreshed,

just to be encouraged,

just to be taught,

just to be re-directed,

just to behold perfect beauty-filled royalty,

just to sit at our Savior’s nail pierced feet,

just to ask questions He can only answer,

just to unload all of life’s cruelties and uncertainties onto divinity’s shoulder,

just to seek God’s jewels of wisdom,

just to fellowship with the friend of all friends, Jesus our Lord,

just to know Him, Yeshua, Jesus, King of Kings,

just to know He who made every single one of us,

just to gaze at His incomparable beauty,

just to know His will,

just to worhip Him who is called beauty, Creator, Savior, Redeemer, & friend,

just to lay all our heavy burdens at His feet and leave them there,

just to get His holy perspective,

just to share with Him our needs,

just to pray for the souls of all humanity,

just to give Him our hopes, our dreams,

just to mine His eternal spiritual wealth,

just to run to His garden of Holy splendor

so that every day we can gather His divine

bouqets of Rhema roses that are revealed

for our  growth, for our beauty, for our needs.

And this, Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord

of Lords,  does for all sinners called saints

because our God of exqusite beauty is love.