Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords

is our Holy, beauty, and love -filled shepherd.

We are His temple and He resides within us

making us lie down in green pastures, leading

us beside the still waters, leading us in the

paths of righteousness for His name sake

and resorting our souls.What a divine and Holy

privilege that within our hearts, our souls, or minds

always resides within us the divine, Holy , perfect

Trinitarian masterpiece who is always lovingly and

gently leading,  guiding, molding ,convicting, teaching,

reminding, exhorting, loving,  protecting , surrounding

the sheep of His pasture until we look more like the

beauty-filled Master  & Shepherd and less like the world!

May our hearts, souls, minds, lives be  full of His mercy,

His goodness, His tenderness, His forgiveness, His truth.

His beauty, His compassion, His humility, His Patience,

and His love.  Amen and Amen!