“Come and dine with me.
I will never cast away.
For I delight in you.”
Is our Savior’s sweet and tender call
To saints and sinners, all.

“Come and dine with me.
I will never shame you.
Come and dine with me.
For I delight to see you in my banquet hall of grace.”

“Come and dine with me.
There is always a joyous, royal invitation.
There is always plenteous living water,
Milk, meat, fruit to fill each and every plate.
Come and dine with me
At the Cross bought jubilant table of salvation.”

“Come and dine with me
When your enemies are all around
For I have prepared a victorious table
For you in the presence of your enemies
Who oppressively and pervasively abound.
Come and dine with me battle-weary
Victorious solider of the Cross.”

“Come and dine with me at the splendor filled
Marriage supper of the Lamb.
Where every royal heir will be given
Majestic robes of righteousness and crowns.
Come and dine with me royal ones.”

“Come and dine with me sinner and saint.
For there is always room for all to gather
In salvations banquet hall resplendent
With the redemptive royal tapestried banners of love and grace.